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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gracie Glam - 13 Fun Facts

Pic courtesy of Gracie Glam

Subject:  Gracie Glam
Occupation: Model / Performer

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1. Are you a morning person or night person?

Gracie Glam:  I consider myself both. I love staying up late at night because that's when all the naughty fun happens! (laughs) But I have to be productive in the morning or else I feel like I've wasted the whole day.

2. Where was the last fun date you went on?

Gracie Glam: I went downtown and had a really yummy dinner. Hung out at a cute dive bar for a bit, then wrapped it up with some fun at home. Perfect simple evening! 

3. Tell us about a fun concert you went to?

Gracie Glam: Halloween weekend! I went to a huge music festival. There where 5 different DJ stages. They also had rides and Haunted Houses. I love those the best because I can dress up in sexy costumes.

4. What three words would you say describe you best?

Gracie Glam: Passive. Happy. Sexual. (smiles)

5. Do you prefer the temperature to be hot, cold, or warm?

Gracie Glam: Hot! I grew up in hot places. I cant stand being cold, ever!

6. Do you prefer big crowds or a small group?

Gracie Glam: I prefer having a small group in a big crowd. (smiles) I basically like to have my cake and eat it too. 

7.  What comedian makes you laugh the hardest?

Gracie Glam: I love Gabrielle Iglesias! 

Pic courtesy of Gracie Glam

8.  Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors? 

Gracie Glam:Outdoors. I like being active.

9.  What's the strangest talent you have?

Gracie Glam: I don't think I really have any... sadly.  (pouts)

10.  Have you ever had two dates in one night?

Gracie Glam: Nope, Im a good girl. (smiles)

11. What was the first car that you made out in?

Gracie Glam: Hmm.... BMW 325... I think...

12. What song makes you think of your first love, kiss, sex etc?

Gracie Glam: Slow Motion by Juvenile 

13. What's the last good pick-up line that worked on you?

Gracie Glam: ''I want you to myself!'' (smiles)

Pic courtesy of Gracie Glam

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