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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dee Siren - 13 Fun Facts

Pic courtesy of Dee Siren

Subject:  Dee Siren
Occupation: Model / Performer
Official Site: http://www.mrssiren.com/

1. Are you a morning person or night person?

Dee Siren: I would say a morning person. I have an internal alarm clock & always wake up to get the family out the door. Have to make myself stay up late…no insomnia here!

2. Where was the last fun date you went on?

Dee Siren: My hubby and I went out to a great Halloween party. Got all dressed up as a Greek goddess & he was a gladiator. He looked totally HOT & I felt totally glamorous. Had a great time seeing old friends and spending time with each other.

3. Last good concert you went to?

Dee Siren: I never go to concerts. I think the last one was Melissa Etheridge in Austin when I was in College.

4. What three words would you say describe you best?

Dee Siren: Emotional, intuitive, care-free.

5. Do you prefer the temperature to be hot, cold, or warm?

Dee Siren: Hot for sure. I live in Texas for a reason. I would much rather be naked then bundled up. I am always cold even when it is 70 degrees out.

6. Do you prefer big crowds or a small group?

Dee Siren: Definitely a small group. I enjoy hanging out with friends and just chilling.

7.  What comedian makes you laugh the hardest?

Dee Siren: Hmmmm…That’s a hard one. Nothing off the top of my head. I like all types of stand up comics.

Pic courtesy of Dee Siren

8. Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?

Dee Siren: For sure indoors. Don't care for "nature"... as they say. Love to look at it but don't want to be in it. I am a city girl and definitely love the city...no bugs or dirt.

9.  What's the strangest talent you have?

Dee Siren: I have so many strange talents. Well let's see, I can touch my tongue to my nose and bottom of my chin and flip it every way possible. I can blow air out my eyes. I have an amazing p*ssy & it can stretch wide open...I can even push my cervix out.

10.  Have you ever had two dates in one night?

Dee Siren: I have had 2 dates at one time…together…(laughs). I like to go out with my hubby & meet up with my boy toy. I try to include everyone...can't handle 2 separate dates.

11. What was the first car that you made out in?

Dee Siren: Probably my mother's Cadillac Brougham.

12. What song makes you think of your first love, kiss, sex etc?

Dee Siren: Halo by Beyonce it...makes me think of the love of my life.

13. What's the last good pick-up line that worked on you?

Dee Siren: I don't think they have ever worked. I was normally the one picking up the guys. (winks)

Pic courtesy of Dee Siren

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Green Cloud said...

Dee Siren has to be the most provocative porn star in the business. If one could possibly order a dream lover/wife, it would be someone exactly like her. From her beautiful sexy faces, 200-watt eyes, her gorgeous coochie which looks like a soft, warm, cream-filled Chinese Fortune Cookie, to that savory and user-friendly pink starfish. Her husband is one lucky man. Wish I could make my own private porn movie with her! She's the only one that gets me as worked up as my ex, whom I call "Little Beast", lol.

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