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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amiee Cambridge - Favorite Things

Pic courtesy of Amiee Cambridge

Subject: Amiee Cambridge
Occupation: Model / Performer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/amieecambridge
ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2332126

1. Favorite city to visit and also favorite place to live?

Amiee Cambridge: Favorite city......hmmm Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Favorite place to live.... haven't found it yet, but it would probably either be Japan or maybe somewhere in the gulf off the coast of Florida.

2. Favorite Meal?

Amiee Cambridge: SUSHI!!!

3. Favorite Song? 

Amiee Cambridge: Dangerous Business since 1979 by the Legion of Doom

4. Favorite Movie?

Amiee Cambridge: The Fifth Element.  Yummmmm Bruce Willis 

5. Favorite Video Game?

Amiee Cambridge: Harvest Moon on any system!!!! 

6. Favorite Car?

Amiee Cambridge: Aston Martin Vanquish, or a 350z 

7. Favorite website?

Amiee Cambridge: Amazon.com 

8. Favorite Television Show?

Amiee Cambridge: Bones and House (It's a tie) (smiles)

9. Favorite Actor?

Amiee Cambridge: I have to pick just one?????   Ryan Phillipe

Pic courtesy of Amiee Cambridge

10. Favorite Adult performer?

Amiee Cambridge:Alexis Venton 

11. Favorite actress?

Amiee Cambridge: Dakota Fanning

12. Favorite Restaurant?

Amiee Cambridge: Wabi Sabi in Merrit Island, Florida. 

13. Favorite sports team?

Amiee Cambridge: Not into sports, but if I dont say Pittsburgh Steelers then I'l have ALOT of close people in my life who'll want to KILL me. (laughs)

14. Favorite clothing brand?

Amiee Cambridge: Rue 21

15. Favorite Magazine?

Amiee Cambridge: Cosmopolitan 

16. Favorite Book?

Amiee Cambridge: The Twilight Series 

17. If you could have dinner with ANY three people in the history of time who would they be and why?

Amiee Cambridge: The guy who invented  the zipper...because he made life so much easier. Hitler just to tell him he was an idiot and shove a pineapple up his butt (Little Nicky) and Adam Sandler because we all know that would be one dinner that I wouldn't be able to breath, because I would be laughing so hard.

Pic Courtesy of Amiee Cambridge

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