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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Angela Zodiak: Interview with a glamour photographer

Pic courtesy of Angela Zodiak

Subject:Angela (aka Angela Zodiak)
Occupation: Photographer, Fetish Model, Make-up Artist

She Needs It: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and  let us know about the industry. How did you get started as a photographer? 

Angela Zodiak: I started working for ATK as an editor in 2009. I shot my first set for them a few months later. 

She Needs It: What was your first scene shooting like?

Angela Zodiak: I was very nervous and had a crap camera... but it was a great first shoot!

She Needs It: I've seen those pics. You're WAY to hard on yourself. (laughs). They turned out great. I know before you started shooting you were a make-up artist and model. How has this helped your work as a photographer?

Angela Zodiak: I knew the basics of lighting and posing from my work with Pink Kitty Studios. It was more the technical gear stuff I had to learn...and directing models.

She Needs It: You'e shot A LOT of sexy girls.Who have been your favorite subjects to photograph?

Pic by Angela Zodiak

 Angela Zodiak:  Shyla Jennings, Dani Daniels, Lizz Tayler and April O Neil

She Needs It:  Those are some really great and sexy girls! Now who would you like to photograph that you haven't had a chance to shoot yet?

Angela Zodiak: Lexi Belle, Malena Morgan, Bree Daniels, Faye Regan, Holly Michaels

She Needs It: Which artists inspire your work?

Pic courtesy of Angela Zodiak

Angela Zodiak: I am constantly inspired by my husband and my friends, Allan Amato, Taslimur and Ulorin Vex. (smiles)

She Needs It:  I've watched you shoot subjects before. I think you have a real relaxed organic style. But how would you describe your shooting style?

Angela Zodiak:  Fast and dirty! I like to make the models feel as comfortable as possible, and keep the environment casual and fun...

She Needs It:  I know you've done some pretty wild stuff at your job. What's the craziest thing you've ever done in the industry?

Pic courtesy of Angela Zodiak

Angela Zodiak: I worked as a dominatrix for a few years. I have punched grown men in the face for money. (laughs)

She Needs It:  (laughs) Ouch! What do you like to do on your free time which you feel say a lot about you?

Angela Zodiak: I am a mix of 50% party monster and 50% housewife....I like gardening, crafting and baking along with tattoos, Jack Daniels and going to metal shows....

She Needs It:  I know you're pretty happy with where you are in your life. What goals would you like to accomplish in the future?

Angela Zodiak: I am hoping to travel abroad to shoot naked ladies, and own a kick ass sweet shop in downtown LA. 

Pic courtesy of Angela Zodiak

She Needs It: Ok...fantasy time. If you could only do one thing...what would you prefer doing as a living? make-up, modeling, or photographer?

Angela Zodiak:  I love shooting, it is a constant learning process.

She Needs It: There are so many fun things in the industry. What's your favorite aspect of it?

Angela Zodiak: Hot ladies taking their clothes off! (laughs)

She Needs It: As a final question. You've accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. What accomplishment are you most proud of so far in your life?

Angela Zodiak: Surviving in LA for 9 years and meeting the love of my life!

Pic courtesy of Angela Zodiak

She Needs It:  Thanks Angela for sitting down with us and letting us know a little about how you work!

Angela Zodiak:  Thanks Ray! Miss you in the office! 

She Needs It: Miss you too! 

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