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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Allie Haze - Favorite Things

Pic courtesy of Allie Haze

Subject: Allie Haze
Occupation: Model / actress
Twitter: http://twitter.com/alliehaze

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1. Favorite city to visit and also favorite place to live?

Allie Haze:  Favorite place to visit would be Las Vegas... cause everything is there and I love living in California.

2. Favorite Meal?

Allie Haze:    Jalapeño Poppers or Tri-Tip 

3. Favorite Song?

Friends In Low Places Allie Haze:    Garth Brooks - “Friends in low places

4. Favorite Movie?

All Dogs Go to Heaven [Blu-ray] Allie Haze:    All Dogs go to Heaven or Twlight

5. Favorite Video Game?

God of War Allie Haze:    God of War or Uncharted.

6. Favorite Car?

Hummer, the first one.

7. Favorite website?

Allie Haze:    Group-on

8. Favorite Television Show?

WWE: Greatest Stars of the New Millenium Allie Haze:    WWE, Law and Order: SVU and Sons of Anarchy

9. Favorite Actor?

Allie Haze:    Patrick Swayze or Harrison Ford

10. Favorite Adult performer?

 Allie Haze:   Lexi Belle

Pic Courtesy of Allie Haze

11. Favorite actress?

The Proposal (Single Disc) Allie Haze:    Sandra Bullock

12. Favorite Restaurant?

Allie Haze:    Shakas, The Olive Garden, Chili's

13. Favorite sports team?

NFL Minnesota Vikings Plastic Parking SignAllie Haze:  : Minnesota Vikings

14. Favorite clothing brand?

Allie Haze:  American Eagle Outfitters

15. Favorite Magazine?

Self (1-year auto-renewal) Allie Haze:    Self Magazine

16. Favorite Book?

 Allie Haze:   I never finish a whole book. (laughs)

17. If you could have dinner with ANY three people in the history of time who would they be and why?

 WWE - Triple H - The Game Allie Haze:   Harrison Ford because I have always had a crush on him. Triple H from WWE because I want him to make me a Diva and Jenifer Lopez because she's a very smart and talented woman that I think I could learn a thing or two from. (smiles)

For More of Allie Haze also check out  the article Allie Haze - 13 Fun Facts! and at our partner site Pass Me The Popcorn.com the article Allie Haze - Poppin Hot Babe 

Pic courtesy of Allie Haze

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