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Monday, July 25, 2011

Veronica Ricci - 13 Fun Facts

Pic courtesy of Veronica Ricci

Subject: Veronica Ricci
Occupation: Model / actress
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1. Are you a morning person or night person? 

Veronica Ricci:  Night person- always have been!! Guess I just like the peacefulness of the night!

2. Where was the last fun date you went on?

Veronica Ricci:  Star Wars In Concert at the Hollywood Bowl!

3. Last good concert you went to?

Veronica Ricci:  Either the one I just mentioned or Tom Petty at Hollywood Bowl,

4. What three words would you say describe you best? 

Veronica Ricci:  Silly. Thoughtful. Quixotic.

5. Do you prefer the temperature to be hot, cold, or warm? 

Veronica Ricci: Warm! Because it's not as extreme as hot or cold... of course.

6. Do you prefer big crowds or a small group? Why?

Veronica Ricci: Small group! To be honest...I am kind of shy.

7.  What comedian makes you laugh the hardest?

Veronica Ricci: Jim Gaffigan, Dave Attell, George Carlin.

8.  Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors? 

Veronica Ricci: Outdoors... if the weather is good. (smiles) It's relaxing.

9.  What's the strangest talent you have? 

Veronica Ricci:  Either "playing with myself" or drawing. But maybe "playing with myself" while drawing is my most special strange talent. (winks)

10.  Have you ever had two dates in one night?

Veronica Ricci: All the time. Sometimes at the same time. (winks)

11. What was the first car that you made out in? 

Veronica Ricci: My old Toyota Tacoma truck.

12. What song makes you think of your first love, kiss, sex etc? 

Veronica Ricci: Anything... because I'm a horny mofo. (laughs)

13. What's the last good pick-up line that worked on you?

Veronica Ricci: "Are those space pants your wearing? Cuz your ass is out of this world."

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Pic Courtesy of Veronica Ricci

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