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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Selena Rose - Favorite Things

Pic Courtesy of Selena Rose

Subject: Selena Rose
Occupation: Model / Adult Performer
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/selenarosedp
Official Site: http://selenarosexxx.com/

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1. Favorite city to visit and also favorite place to live?

Selena Rose: Los Angeles is my favorite city to visit because I get to see the Digital Playground crew..which is like family. Obviously, Miami is my hometown and I'll stay true to my town and say it's my favorite city to live-in... like a princess. (smiles)

2. Favorite Meal? 

Selena Rose: A healthy veggie salad.

3. Favorite Song?

Selena Rose: Barbie Girl by Aqua 

4. Favorite Movie?

Scarface Limited Edition Steelbook [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] Selena Rose: Scarface

5. Favorite Video Game?

Mortal Kombat Selena Rose: Mortal Kombat

6. Favorite Car? 

Selena Rose: Lamborghini Diablo

7. Favorite website?

Selena Rose: http://selenarosexxx.com/ (smiles)

8. Favorite Television Show?

Two and a Half Men: The Complete Eighth Season Selena Rose: Two and Half Men

9. Favorite Actor?

Fight Club (Brad Pitt Holding Soap) Movie Poster Print - 24x36Selena Rose: Brad Pitt, Cam Gigandet, Chris Pine, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Walker and many more studs.

10. Favorite Adult performer?

Selena Rose: Jesse Jane ... & myself. (winks)

Pic Courtesy of Selena Rose

11. Favorite actress?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Widescreen Edition) Selena Rose: Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet & many more!

12. Favorite Restaurant? 

Selena Rose: Emeril's in South Beach

13. Favorite sports team?

Miami Heat LeBron James Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh Sports Poster Print - 22x34Selena Rose: Oakland Raiders and the Miami Heat!

14. Favorite clothing brand?

Selena Rose: Stop Staring Clothing

15. Favorite Magazine?

GQ (1-year auto-renewal) Selena Rose: GQ

16. Favorite Book?

The Modern Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure Selena Rose: Any sex book. (Laughs)

17. If you could have dinner with anybody in the history of time who would they be and why?

Marilyn Monroe Poster Print, 24x37 Selena Rose: Marilyn Monroe, she's my idol and I adore her!

Pic courtesy of Selena Rose

For MORE of Selena Rose check out our article Selena Rose - 13 Fun Facts!!!

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