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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jack & Jill Movie Trailer

There are a couple of shocking things in this trailer for the upcoming movie titled Jack & Jill . There is the presence of Katie Holmes. Who's not necessarily renown for her slapstick comedy skills. Then there's the sight of seeing Adam Sandler in drag... playing a woman. Specifically the title character of Jill, the twin sister of Jack...also played by Adam Sandler. But what is the most SHOCKING aspect of the film, is the presence of Al Pacino.

That's not a typo and I don't mean the fictional character Alpa Chino from Tropic Thunder. I'm talking about Academy Award winner Al Pacino. The guy from The Godfather and Dog Day Afternoon.

THAT guy.

Apparently...and I HOPE I'm interpreting this wrong. Pacino plays the love interest of Jill.


I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Adam Sandler is known for his eccentric casting choices such as when he cast Jack Nicholson  in Anger Management

Anyways. I'm not a total movie snob. I dig silly comedies from Adam Sandler. So I'm sure it'll be pretty amusing stuff. 

Jack & Jill  stars Adam Sandler...and Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes and Academy Award winner Al Pacino. It is directed by Dennis Dugan . It is scheduled for release November 11, 2011.

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