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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heather Starlet - 13 Fun Facts

Pic Courtesy of Heather Starlet

Subject: Heather Starlet
Occupation: Model / Adult Performer
Twitter: http://twitter.com/heatherstarlet 
Official Site: http://heatherstarletxxx.com/

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1. Are you a morning person or night person?

Heather Starlet: I'm a night person...I love sunshine but the stars make me think...and sex at night is WONDERFUL!

2. Where was the last fun date you went on?

Heather Starlet: Best date I've been on was to a Motley Crue / Buckcherry concert I went to...sexy and fun Rock n Roll!

3. Last good concert you went to?

Heather Starlet: The best concert I've been to was Doctor P at Electric Daisy Carnival this year...I love dubstep! Or the Incubus show at smoke out last year. I f*ckin love Incubus and all music. (Smiles)

4. What three words would you say describe you best?

Heather Starlet: Three words that describe me are: Genuine. Flirty. Giver.

5. Do you prefer the temperature to be hot, cold, or warm?

 Heather Starlet: Warm summer nights are the best...but I love a sunny day at the beach.

6. Do you prefer big crowds or a small group? 

Heather Starlet: I am always having a blast in a big crowd at a concert but I feel most comfortable at home in pajamas snuggled up to someone sexy.

7.  What comedian makes you laugh the hardest?

 Heather Starlet: I think I laugh most at Dane Cook, Dave Chappelle and Kat Williams...all f*ckin hilarious... Dave Chappelle and Kat Williams are Ohio boys as well!

8.  Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?

Heather Starlet: I prefer to be outdoors...it's so amazing, all the nature.

9.  What's the strangest talent you have?

Heather Starlet: Strangest talent I have is putting my legs behind my head.

10.  Have you ever had two dates in one night?

Heather Starlet: I haven't been on two dates in one night...too exhausting. (laughs)

11. What was the first car that you made out in?

Heather Starlet: First car I made out in was an older Chevy Impala... I think...but I could be way wrong... it was dark.

12. What song makes you think of your first love, kiss, sex etc?

 Heather Starlet: Song that makes me think of my first kiss is Dilema by Nelly...oh sh*t!

13. What's the last good pick-up line that worked on you?

Heather Starlet: Last pickup line that worked? Dammm... I've actually been throwin' out the lines lately. My pickup line was "You look cute over there smiling at me!" (laughs) and it worked...

Pic Courtesy of Heather Starlet

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