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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Victoria Rae Black - 13 Fun Facts

Photo courtesy of OCModeling via Victoria Rae Black

Subject: Victoria Rae Black
Occupation: Model & Adult Entertainment Performer
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1. Are you a morning person or night person? Why?

Victoria Rae Black: Night person. I hate the mornings and I love my bed so getting up is the last thing I EVER want to do. (Smiles)

2. Where was the last fun date you went on?

Victoria Rae Black:  Miniature golf at Golf 'N' Stuff.

3. Last good concert you went to?

Victoria Rae Black:  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

4. What three words would you say describe you best?

Victoria Rae Black:  Indecisive. Picky. Independent...ish. (smiles)

5. Do you prefer the temperature to be hot, cold, or warm? Why?

Victoria Rae Black:  Hot... because it feels good on my body. I HATE being cold.

6. Do you prefer big crowds or a small group? Why?

Victoria Rae Black:  Small groups.. because I get anxiety in large crowds.

7. Which comedians makes you laugh the hardest?

Victoria Rae Black:  Aziz Ansari, Demitri Martin and Paul Rudd.

8.  Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors? Why?

Victoria Rae Black:  I like to be outside because I love the sunshine and I'm endlessly amazed by nature.

9.  What's the strangest talent you have?

Victoria Rae Black:  I am excellent at calculus and chemistry.

10.  Have you ever had two dates in one night?

Victoria Rae Black:  No... I have a bit more class than that.

11. What was the first car that you made out in?

Victoria Rae Black:  Blue Ford Taurus

12. What song makes you think of your first love, kiss, sex etc?

Victoria Rae Black:  Paper Cut by Linkin Park

13. What's the last good pick-up line that worked on you?

Victoria Rae Black:  "Want to go back to my place for a pizza and a f*ck?" I said, "No" and he said, "What? You don't like pizza?" (Laughs)  I was 19 and had never heard it before.

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 Photo courtesy of Victoria Rae Black

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