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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trinity St. Clair Interview

Pic courtesy of Trinity St. Clair

Subject:Trinity St. Clair
Occupation: Model.  Adult Entertainment Performer

She Needs It:  Thank you Trinity for sitting down with us and letting your fans get to know a little bit more about you. One of my favorite questions is a little personal... but I find the subject fascinating for ladies in the industry. Are you currently in a relationship? 

Trinity St. Clair: Hell no! I don't like to be in relationships. Just never have. 

She Needs It: Really? It doesn't get lonely?

Trinity St. Clair: Not really... I guess I'm just a solo rider. Prefer it that way... I feel the industry makes everything so much more simpler.

She Needs It:  Speaking of that... how did you get started in the business?

Trinity St. Clair: Actually...I got started by doing a clip with an ex-boyfriend. He suggested I give the industry a try because he thought I looked good on camera. (smiles)

She Needs It: I we think we can all agree agree with that. How did you come up with your stage name?

Trinity St. Clair: Trinity is a lake I came at. (winks) The St. Clair part... Shy Love helped me with. (smiles)

Pic courtesy of Trinity St. Clair

She Needs It:  What were you like growing up?

Trinity St. Clair: Honestly... I was very shy and a goodie goodie two shoe. (Laughs)

She Needs It:  That's surprising. But I think you're probably doing some catching up with your naughty side now. What's the craziest thing you've ever done in your personal life?

Trinity St. Clair: Blow j*b during my break... while working at a movie theater... in the theater with my manager. (Winks)

She Needs It: Wow... that's wild! So what was your first scene performing like? Were you nervous? Excited?
Trinity St. Clair: Ahhh... it was with ATK and yes I was most definitely nervous. I actually started out with an an*l scene... but enjoyed it!

She Needs It: Wow...really? I love how some models just jump right into it like that. After starting off like that...what would you like to do on camera that you haven't had a chance to do yet?
Trinity St. Clair: A BIG all-girl group scene.

Pic courtesy of Vodoo Media group via Trinity St. Clair

She Needs It:  Those are hot! What is something surprising about you that your fans wouldn't know?

Trinity St. Clair: I'm a very boring person in my everyday life. (smiles)

She Needs It: (Laughs) I'm sure that's not really the case. Well what goals would you like to accomplish in the industry before you retire?

Trinity St. Clair: I want to stick around for YEARS!!! I want to be the Ozzy Osbourne of the Adult entertainment industry!

She Needs It:
 (laughs) What's your all-time naughty fantasy?
Trinity St. Clair: Hmmm... I don't know... I just want to have sex all over the place! (smiles)  

Pic courtesy of Trinity St. Clair

She Needs It: What's your favorite aspect of the industry? 
Trinity St. Clair: I love everything so far. I like the performance aspect because I TRULY love sex... but I also love the modeling aspect because I live for the idea of seducing the camera. Almost as if I'm f*cking it! (Laughs)

She Needs It:  Who are some of your favorite performers you haven't worked with yet?

Trinity St. Clair: I really want to work with Julia Ann! 

She Needs It: Love her! How about favorite performers that you HAVE worked with?

Trinity St. Clair: I loved working with Rocco Reed!

She Needs It:  As a final question... what accomplishment are you most proud of so far in your life and why?

Trinity St. Clair: My BA in Psychology! I feel like it confirms that I'm able to stand on my own and not rely on anyone. Knowing who I am and loving me for me! Acceptance is a great thing!

Pic courtesy of Trinity St. Clair

She Needs It:  Thanks again Trinity! Really Appreciate it! 

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