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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lizz Tayler - Yes or No? 13 Questions

Pic courtesy of Lizz Tayler

Subject: Lizz Tayler
Occupation: Model / performer
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  1. Ever try to seriously hurt or punch someone during sex?  No
  2. Have you ever climaxed without being touched or touching yourself? Yes
  3. Have you ever stole AND kept something worth more than $1000.00 ? No Way!
  4. Ever fooled around or touched yourself in a stranger's bathroom? (not on set) Yes
  5. Ever lustfully looked at a partner's body for at least 10 minutes straight without touching them? Not noticeably (smiles)
  6. Ever played with yourself while watching in the mirror? Yes
  7. Ever fooled around with MORE than three guys at one time? No
  8. Ever climax so hard that you hurt yourself? Yes
  9. Ever PAY someone to pleasure you?  No
  10. Ever tell your partner the sex you just had was bad...even though it was really great? (Laughs) Yes
  11. Have you ever been in love with a partner to the point where you'd truly die for them? No
  12. Ever fooled around on a pile of money?  No
  13. Ever cried out of happiness while doing the deedYes

    Pic courtesy of Lizz Tayler

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