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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lizz Tayler - Favorite Things

Pic courtesy of Twistys.com via Lizz Tayler

Subject: Lizz Tayler

1. Favorite city?

Lizz Tayler : Ah.. this is a tie. I loved living in Atlanta, Georgia and love living currently in Los Angeles, California. When I left Atlanta I thought I would never miss it, but I have to admit I miss the people and the hospitality. With Los Angeles, I love the city life and the atmosphere. Actually...I also love Phoenix, Arizona too. (Laughs) This one is too hard....

2. Favorite meal?

Lizz Tayler : BBQ chicken. I love chicken on the grill, and grilled veggies. BBQ is amazing!!! (Smiles)

3. Favorite song?

Lizz Tayler : This is a tough one. I would have to say my favorite song RIGHT NOW would have to be, "25 to Life" by Eminem. I also love ANY Stone Temple Pilot song! (Laughs).

4. Favorite movie?

Lizz Tayler : This will be interesting for readers...my all-time favorite movie has been the same film since I was just a baby... Walt Disney's Beauty and The Beast. I know EVERY single word to that movie! (Laughs)

5. Favorite Video Game?

Lizz Tayler : I like playing The Sims alot because I make my character's fall in love and "play in bed"... I'm hoping this doesn't surprise most of you... (Laughs)
6. Favorite car?

Lizz Tayler : Ford Mustang, a yellow one. (Laughs) I'm a simple girl.

7. Favorite website?

Lizz Tayler : TWITTER... Duh (smiles) Follow me @LizzxxxTayler

Pic courtesy of Lizz Tayler

8. Favorite television show?

Lizz Tayler : Family Guy AND The Cleveland Show. I know both shows are basically the same. But I can never get enough of them...especially when I am stoned. (Laughs)

9. Favorite actor?

Lizz Tayler : Adam Sandler ...by far. He has ALWAYS been my favorite actor.

10. Favorite adult performer?

Lizz Tayler : Briana Banks. (Smiles) She was my Marilyn Monroe growing up... when I first discovered Adult Entertainment. She's also a great friend.

11. Favorite actress?

Lizz Tayler : I don't watch many movies, as my ADD/ADHD won't allow me to pay attention. BUT when I saw The Blind Side, I fell in love with Sandra Bullock. She was amazing in that role, she's really hot too! (laughs)

12. Favorite restaurant?

Lizz Tayler : Buca De Beppo and Chic-Fil-A (Smiles) Take me there, and you will probably get laid that night. (Laughs)

13. Favorite sports team?

Lizz Tayler : I love college sports. I am a huge University of Arizona Wildcats fan "BearDown"

Pic courtesy of Lizz Tayler

14. Favorite clothing brand?

Lizz Tayler : Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. Not too picky.

15. Favorite magazine?

Lizz Tayler : Can I get away with Playboy? (Winks) I like People Magazine because they don't lie. (laughs)

16. Favorite book?

Lizz Tayler : Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

17. If you could have dinner with ANY three people in the history of time who would they be and why?

Lizz Tayler : The three would be Elizabeth Taylor, THE Hollywood Icon, I ADORE her. Marilyn Monroe, THE historic sex icon. She would have been 85 years old today. Finally I'd choose Walt Disney. I am a huge Disney films fan, and I would have loved to just sit down and get to know the real Walt Disney. Find out how he came up with all those amazing ideas for his films. May they all rest in peace.

Pic Courtesy of Lizz Tayler


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