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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kimora Klein - Favorite Things

Pic courtesy of Kimora Klein

Subject: Kimora Klein
Occupation: Model, Adult Entertainment performer
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kimoraklein
Donation Site: http://www.helpkimora.com/

1. Favorite city to visit and also favorite place to live?

Kimora Klein: I love Chicago, and I love my home -- Miami!

2. Favorite Meal?

Kimora Klein: Any kind of (vegan) noodle bowl really. I am obsessed with pad thai, I could eat it every day!

3. Favorite Song?

Kimora Klein:  Heaven (Designer Drugs Remix) - Hail Social. 72 plays on my iTunes.

4. Favorite Movie?

Kimora Klein: A tie between Marie Antoinette and Man on Fire.

5. Favorite Video Game?
Kimora Klein:  Legend of ZELDA! Forever and ever.

6. Favorite Car?

Kimora Klein:  Volkswagen

7. Favorite website?

Kimora Klein: I'm on Facebook every 2 seconds.

8. Favorite Television Show?

Kimora Klein: Raising Hope! SO hilarious.

9. Favorite Actor?

Kimora Klein:  Mmm... Denzel Washington 

10. Favorite Adult performer?
Kimora Klein: I think Asa Akira is about the hottest girl ever.

11. Favorite actress?

Kimora Klein: I don't think I have one.

12. Favorite Restaurant?

Kimora Klein: There's a place called Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale. Gourmet vegan food for the win!

13. Favorite sports team?

Kimora Klein: The Miami HURRICANES!

14. Favorite clothing brand?

Kimora Klein: Half of my closet is Victoria's Secret PINK.

15. Favorite Magazine?
Kimora Klein: MacWorld.  

16. Favorite Book?
Kimora Klein: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. So epic and trippy.

17. If you could have dinner with ANY three people in the history of time who would they be and why?

Kimora Klein: I had to look up a list for famous vegans for this one so that it'd work out! Erykah Badu, Princess Superstar and Common. All really f*cking cool people that I think I'd be able to relate to.

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Pic courtesy of Kimora Klein

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