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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer

Here's the official trailer to the American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo directed by David Fincher.

There was a leaked Red Band version of the trailer previously released that showcased some of the more bloody aspects of the film. The reader can check out the red band trailer below.

What's interesting about this red band bootleg trailer is that the quality is pretty impressive. Which has led some to speculate that the studio themselves leaked the trailer. Which is a pretty cool marketing move considering the nature of the film. If one is unfamiliar with the original series of books, the stories themselves are extremely dark, mystery, sex related thrillers which revolve around, Lisbeth Salander, an unconventional, gothic, anti-social, female amateur investigator in her 20's and Mikael Blomkvist, an investigative journalist. The  bestselling book was written by Stieg Larsson The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was awarded the Glass Key award as the best Nordic crime novel in 2005.

There was also two other bestselling, follow up books released from Larsson, The Girl who played with Fire and The Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest. Which also resulted in a trilogy of hit foreign films.  This all happened AFTER Stieg Larsson's death in 2004.  His original plan was to write 10 books. He was only able to write three before his death.

 Here's the trailer for the original film.

The American version of the film will be released December 21, 2011.

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