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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fright Night Sneak Peek Trailer

I have fond memories of the original Fright Night. I remember that it was one of the first movies that I had seen to intentionally make me laugh and at the same time freak me the hell out. Back then movies were either campy or scary. Not really both... like many films are now. Also back in the 80's Vampires were all but dead. A silly old school monster that didn't really scare anybody. But Fright Night changed all of that. They eventually followed it up with a sequel. I wasn't too crazy about the second Fright Night... but I don't remember it being horrible. 

I guess with Hollywood going crazy with remake fever it was just a matter of time that they'd remake this property with a new effects-filled version. It's especially timely since Vampires are all the rage now.

Fright Night  (2011) Does have a pretty impressive cast which includes Colin Farrell, David Tennant, Anton Yelchin  Toni Collette and Christopher Mintz- Plasse.

Fright Night 2011 is scheduled for release August 19, 2011

Official Trailer:

Give the gift of movies!

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