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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amber Chase Interview

Pic courtesy of Amber Chase

Subject: Amber Chase
Occupation: Model/ performer
Twitter: @amberchase
Amazon Wish list: Amber Chase Wishlist

She Needs It: Hi Amber! Thanks so much for spending some time with us and letting fans learn a little more about you. So...what were you like growing up?

Amber Chase: I think I've been this tall (almost 5'5") since I was in the 4th grade... which fits. I grew up fast... but stayed young at heart. I played with Barbies a few years longer than I should have. I was sneaking out with boys and still playing make believe too. When I was little I would sneak a peek at naughty magazines. 

She Needs it: Interesting...so you liked looking at those magazines even back then?

Amber Chase: I really liked the comic strips at the end that they sometimes had, and the stories too (of course)! (laughs) I learned a lot from the glossy pictures too I guess, but I never thought I’d become an industry performer. I’ve always been super experimental. Always easily excited in that way and even when something is new to me I tend to leap in with both feet. I’ve always considered myself a playful little tart, who loves to tease and please. But wow even I am amazed that I’m here, turning fans on – so exciting! I just really do love showing off….

She Needs It: Why do you think that is?

Amber Chase:  It does something... kinda tingly to me... to know that I’m making someone warm between their legs. (laughs) I just get a rush from that look of desire that I see when people look at me in that way. I find that it is a really intimate and intense thing to liberate that energy. I just truly like to be watched. 

Pic courtesy of Amber Chase

She Needs It: How did you get started in the industry? 

Amber Chase:  A friend and I started out just playing with the cam occasionally on free industry sites and live cams. We got voted most popular (most viewed) couple in the “world” for over two and a half weeks straight on some of them and on the top 50 list for a long time after that.

She Needs It: Wow! That's pretty cool. What was your first scene performing like?

Amber Chase: My first scenes were with my boyfriend at the time, but my first scene with a stranger was with another girl, Anna Stevens.  We even became lovers for a while after our hot encounter for Bellezza Video.

She Needs It: What's the naughtiest or craziest thing you've ever done in your personal life?

Amber Chase: Went to a club and gave a huge blow b*ng. Another one of my typical adventures was one night me and a friend went to a local fetish event, and I ended up getting on “stage” to have my bottom paddled. It started out slow, but I really liked all the attention and the “interrogator” went through various levels of floggers and paddles until the crowd was gathered around me chanting for me to lose the undies! Oh,that was soo wild! The next day my bottom was so sore and red. But I have no regrets!

She Needs It: (laughs) That's pretty wild! What would you like to do on camera that you haven't yet?

Amber Chase: I would like to work with Tori Black, Manuel Ferrara and be in a scene directed by Andrew Blake one day. 

She Needs It: What has been your favorite scene that you've performed in?

Amber Chase: My favorite scene ever hasn't been published yet ...but it has me and India Summer and a power "tool". I'll be publishing it in the next few weeks.

  Pic courtesy of Amber Chase

She Needs It: Are you in a relationship? How do you balance the pressures of being a performer and maintaining a relationship?

Amber Chase: I really have no advice on the matter, everyone's situation is different. Actually...I entered into the industry with my long term boyfriend... and that unexpectedly ended.

 She Needs It: Well... I know its hard for performers to find that balance. Most performers sacrifice that part of their life for their occupation. That's why I'm curious about how some of them deal with those pressures. Are you interested in both men and women in your personal life?

Amber Chase: I have always been attracted to both girls and boys... ever since the earliest times I can remember. 

She Needs It: What's your favorite aspect of the industry? The modeling aspect or the performance aspect?
Amber Chase: I enjoy both equally... for different reasons.

She Needs It: Who are your favorite performers that you haven't worked with yet?

Amber Chase: Tori Black, Belladonna, Manuel Ferrara, Lexington Steele are some of my favorites that I have not worked with yet.

She Needs It: What about favorite performers that you HAVE worked with?

Amber Chase: The favorites I have worked with are Annabelle Lee, India Summer and Avy Scott.

She Needs It: What accomplishment are you most proud of so far in your life?

Amber Chase: Oh there's so much to be happy about I am an artist and a scholar and so much more.

She Needs It:  Interesting! What charity, social cause or political issue do you feel strongly about and why?
Amber Chase: Domestic Violence. I feel that it's an important issue that can never get enough attention.

She Needs It: I agree. Anything you'd like to say to your fans before you go?

Amber Chase: Yes! I'm always surprised to learn that fans don't know that they can watch my scenes through my site where there are no membership fees or monthly billing required.  Check it out here: Amber Chase Official site.  And as always one can come play with me on cam where we explore people's fantasies LIVE.

 Pic courtesy of Amber Chase

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