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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scout Tyler Interview

 Pic Courtesy of Scout Tyler

Subject: Scout Tyler
Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/xoscout
Blog: http://scoutputsout.tumblr.com/

She Needs It: Thanks for spending some time with us today Scout. I really appreciate it. I REALLY like your stage name. I think it's unique and cute. How did you come up with it?

Scout Tyler: My first stage name (Adelyn Ames) came about just because I liked the name and used it frequently when making characters on MMORPGS. My second stage name (Scout Tyler) I decided was more fitting, my nickname growing up was Scout and it's very boyish, whereas my real name is also a boy's name. I like original names, especially in the adult industry, those two names stood out from all the Nikki's and Jessie's.

She Needs It:  Interesting... so what were you like growing up?

Scout Tyler: I was very outgoing and adventurous and some what of a tomboy. I was always climbing trees and exploring or playing sports with boys from my neighborhood.

She Needs It: Are you bisexual or only on camera?

Scout Tyler: I am bisexual in my personal life and have been attracted to the same sex since I was a little girl. Just the way I was made I suppose. 

Pic Courtesy of Scout Tyler

She Needs It: What kind of people are you attracted to in your personal life.

Scout Tyler: I don't really have a type. I know instantly if I click with a person, friendship or otherwise, regardless of a type. 

She Needs It:  So how did you get started in the adult industry?

Scout Tyler: I got started in the industry nude modeling. I always liked being naked. After awhile I got interested in girl /girl videos and then very shortly after that decided I needed to go all the way... or go home!

She Needs It:  What was your first scene performing like? Were you nervous? Excited?

Scout Tyler: 
My first ever scene was a girl/girl scene and I wasn't so much nervous... as I was inexperienced. I was used to having sex with girls, and used to being naked on camera but had no idea what having sex on camera actually entailed. Like the way you have to keep your body in frame and what you need to do to make it look appealing and keep it interesting on camera. My first boy/girl scene I was SO excited about I could barely contain myself. A lot of my fans demanded boy/girl and I knew I would gain a lot more from doing it, and It was wayyy more intense. 

 Pic Courtesy of Scout Tyler

She Needs It:  What's the naughtiest or craziest sexual thing you've ever done in your personal life?

Scout Tyler: I don't think I've done anything super naughty or crazy, I mean I have done things other people might think are naughty or crazy but it's not that way to me.

She Needs It: (Laughs) I'm sure it's naughtier than 99% of most people's fantasies. Well...what would you like to do on camera that you haven't had a chance to do yet?

Scout Tyler: An*l, gangb*ngs, DP etc.  But I am currently taking a break from the industry and I'm not sure when... or if I'll be back so not sure that stuff will ever happen.

She Needs It:  Are you in a relationship?

Scout Tyler: I been in a relationship and have been in a relationship with the same person for 6 years.

She Needs It:
 How do you balance the pressures of being a performer and maintaining a relationship?

Scout Tyler: Other than the traveling and being away from him... I don't really have any other pressures of being a performer. 

 Pic Courtesy of Scout Tyler

She Needs It: That's great that you've been able to have a healthy relationship with someone for six years while being in the industry. I know it can be hard. Do you have any advice for fellow performers in the same situation?

Scout Tyler: Not really. Some people's relationship are just strong enough to survive it, others aren't. It depends on how each person looks at the situation.

She Needs It:  What is something surprising about you that your fans wouldn't know?

Scout Tyler: I don't think there's anything about me that my fans don't know. (smiles)

She Needs It: (Laughs) I know you love to interact with a lot of your fans on Twitter so I'm not too surprised. What goals would you like to accomplish in the industry before you retire?

Scout Tyler: I am kind of in a retirement at the moment, but if you are talking about the sex industry in general, I just want to continue to entertain people.

She Needs It: That's cool. What's your all-time favorite sexual fantasy?

Scout Tyler: (laughs) I really... honestly... don't even have a sexual fantasy, I'm boring...I know. (laughs)

She Needs It: 
Well it could be because maybe you've lived out most of your fantasies already...What's your favorite aspect of the industry? The modeling aspect or the performance aspect?

Scout Tyler: Definitely the performance aspect. You can be pretty and an amazing model but if you can't perform it's just like..blah. I just really like giving everything I have in a scene, high energy, just straight hot entertainment.

She Needs It:  Thanks again to the lovely Scout Tyler for letting her fans learn a little more about her. For more of Scout Tyler fans can follow her fun adventures on Twitter at http://twitter.com/xoscout

Pic Courtesy of Scout Tyler

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