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Friday, May 13, 2011

Missy Martinez Interview

Pic Courtesy of Missy Martinez

She Needs It: Hi Missy! Thanks so much for spending some time with us and letting your fans learn a little more about you. So how did you get started in the industry?

Missy Martinez: I went to Erotica LA a few years back, everyone there thought I was already a adult industry  star since I had big boobs and it just got me thinking.... and viola! Here I am.

She Needs It: How did you come up with your stage name?

Missy Martinez: There isn't really a quirky or interesting story behind my stage name.  I picked Martinez because there aren’t a lot of performers out there with ethnic last names and I wanted to capitalize on that.

She Needs It:  What were you like growing up? Are you bisexual in your personal life? Were you always bisexual?

Missy Martinez: I'm 100% bisexual. I call it being greedy! I didn't explore my interest in women until I was older, but I had always found myself checking out hot chicks!!

She Needs It: Who are some of your  favorite performers you haven't worked with yet? 

Missy Martinez : A big reason I got into the business was to work with Sunny Leone! It's my dream to work with her and I'm hoping it'll happen some day… soon!!

Pic courtesy of Missy Martinez

She Needs It: Who are your favorite performers that you’ve worked with?

Missy Martinez: Everyone I’ve performed with so far has been amazing and I wouldn’t change any of them.

She Needs It:  Nice… What kind of  types are you into  in your  personal life?

Missy Martinez: For men, I find myself attracted to really thin and lean guys (think Adrien Brody in The Jacket) and for women I LOVE LOVE LOVE exotic girls, women that don't look like everyone else.

She Needs It: Interesting. What’ s the best way to make you climax on camera?

Missy Martinez: The easiest way is a Hitachi Magic Wand of course!

She Needs It: Are you multiple?

Missy Martinez:  I am blessed with the ability to climax  over and over …my record is 36. I filmed for Dan Leal last week and I came 13 times on film!!

She Needs It:  36 Times! That’s crazy… and impressive! What was your first scene performing like? Were you nervous? Excited?

Pic courtesy of Naughty America via Missy Martinez

Missy Martinez:  My first scene was for L Factor and was with a girl named Rose. Not only was it my first scene, but also my first sexual experience with a woman! I was nervous beyond all belief but once we started everything just flowed and I've been hooked ever since.

She Needs It:  Wow! That’s pretty crazy! Your first scene was your first girl girl sex EVER? That’s a wild way to break into the business. In terms of your personal life what's the naughtiest or craziest sexual thing you've ever done?

Missy Martinez:  I have had A LOT of public sex! Movie theaters, dressing rooms, the beach, even church!

She Needs It: (laughs) Well I think that would qualify as naughty...and crazy! What is your  favorite position in your personal life? 

Missy Martinez: It's easiest for me to climax in missionary, but doggy is always a favorite while filming.

She Needs It:  What would you like to do on camera that you haven't had a chance to do yet?

Missy Martinez: I'd love to get into some lesbian BDSM!

Pic courtesy of Missy Martinez

She Needs It: Do you climax for real on camera or is it hard for you?

Missy Martinez: Sometimes the positions aren't comfortable or you're worried about looking good… so it doesn’t always happen. In some of my movies if I don’t say "I'm gonna cum" I usually don't. 

She Needs It:  Are you a dirty talker in your personal life?  

Missy Martinez: Some days I am… it depends on my mood. I always love to talk dirty and do whatever it takes to get my partner off!

She Needs It: Like what are some of the things you like to say or do?

Missy Martinez: I have SCREAMING ORGASMS! My neighbors have to hate me! I love talking dirty too!

She Needs It:  Is there anything you like doing on camera but not in your personal life?

Missy Martinez:  I'm usually open either way, it usually depends on who I'm sleeping with and what they prefer.

She Needs It:  Are there things you like to do in your personal life but not on camera?

Missy Martinez: An*l!

She Needs It: What are your favorite toys and why?

Missy Martinez:  I love my Hitachi Magic Wand, it makes me orgasm in record time! My fingers are always a good choice as well

She Needs It:  Are you currently in a relationship? How do you balance the pressures of being a performer and maintaining a relationship?

Missy Martinez: I find it is hard to be in a relationship while in this business because sometimes your partner doesn’t understand that it’s just a job and the sex is purely business.

She Needs It: Totally understandable. Any advice for people dating an adult performer?

Missy Martinez: Make sure who ever you decide to be with is accepting of your job and what it entails and that you two sit down and have some guidelines about your career do’s and don’t’s.

Pic Courtesy of Missy Martinez

She Needs It:  What is something surprising about you that your fans wouldn't know?

Missy Martinez:  I'm a hard core Xbox gamer! I LOVE first person shooters and role playing games!

She Needs It:  Nice a sexy gamer! What are some of your goals you’d like to accomplish in the industry before you retire?

Missy Martinez:  I would love to be a household name and in more and more films! My dream is to have a Fleshlight made of my pussy!

She Needs It:  Interesting! What about your all-time sexual fantasy?

Missy Martinez:  I've always wanted to be tied down and forced to orgasm over and over and over!

She Needs It: As a final question… What's your favorite aspect of the industry?

Missy Martinez:   I love how you are free to drop your taboos and live out your fantasies… and get paid for them! I love the modeling and performing, it's nice that you can mix it up.

She Needs It: Thanks again Missy! I really appreciate it.

Fans of Missy Martinez can follow her naughty adventures on Twitter at  http://twitter.com/MissyXMartinez

Pic courtesy of Missy Martinez

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