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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th be with You

In honor of Star Wars day I thought I would post some of my favorite Star Wars related viral videos. I'm sure there are plenty of other parodies or tributes that I'm missing...these just happen to be my favorite. Feel free to post suggestions in the comments box.

Darth Vader being a jerk

This one had me rolling the first time I saw it. Literally on the ground gasping for air. I still laugh. Great editing and creative use of existing footage.

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

Obviously, a commercial. A high profile Super Bowl commercial no less. But it's still funny and cute. Creative marketing and memorable...not sure it makes me want to buy a Volkswagen. But it's great branding.


Funny Cops parody. Impressive use of special effects and great way to tie in the original Star Wars with this alternative back story.

Original trailer for Star Wars from 1977

I wonder if the marketing people from FOX had ANY idea of what they had in their hands back in 1977. Wow...

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