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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lily Carter Interview

Pic courtesy of Lily Carter

Subject: Lily Carter
Occupation: Adult Entertainment Performer, Model
Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/lilycarterxxx

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She Needs It: Thanks so much for spending some time with us today Lily! I really appreciate it! Why don't we start with how you got started in the industry?

Lily Carter: I looked it up on the Internet... "How to become a p*rn star". I ended up finding the site sexyjobs.com. I was thinking about just doing webcam or something from home but then agencies started contacting me. I decided to go for it.

She Needs It: How did you come up with your stage name?

Lily Carter: Many people had told me that I look like Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. Lilies are also my favorite flower.

She Needs It: Yeah! I do see a resemblance. I've always liked your stage name. I think it really suits you too. I know you enjoy doing girl girl scenes alot. Are you bisexual? Or is it just in performance?

Lily Carter: I have always been bisexual. A childhood friend and I used to mess around when we played house. I don't think I knew what I was doing then, but it definitely stuck with me. I used to only masturbate to the thought of a girl masturbating. (laughs) I had sex with a girl before I had sex with a guy. I loovvve girls! (laughs)

She Needs It: That definitely explains your enthusiasm in your scenes ...As far as your personal life...what types are you into and why?

Lily Carter: Ummm... well I like girls and guys. I've always been attracted to short tan petite girls. They also have to be funny and genuinely nice. (I hate mean people that spend there time making fun of others). As for the kind of man I am attracted too...well I have two different types I guess. I either like a real man, older, funny, nice, and knows what he wants. Or I like younger guys...like just turned 18. I love knowing I'm gonna rock his world when we f*ck! (laughs)

She Needs It: Hot! What was your first scene performing like? Were you nervous? Excited?

Lily Carter: My first scene ever was a solo for ATK. I was super nervous... and excited. I've always had a public display kind of fantasy. So masturbating in front of a camera was a major turn on. But at the same time I was scared I wouldn't be able to perform. It went well though. My first boy girl was even more nerve racking. I am a very shy girl if I don't know people well... so you can imagine having sex with someone I just met was scary. But it was great sex and I got over it as soon as I felt his d*ck in me. (Laughs)

She Needs It: (Laughs) What's the wildest sexual thing you've ever done in your personal life?

Lily Carter: I've told this story a couple times. I've had sex on a street corner before. (Laughs) I've had sex in a lot of crazy places. Outside a church, bathroom stalls... on the hood of a car with people driving by, in the woods.

Pic courtesy of Lily Carter

She Needs It: Wow! I guess you're definitely not shy in that respect. (Laughs) What would you like to do on camera that you haven't had the chance to do yet?

Lily Carter: Maybe a gang b*ng or blow b*ng. In the distant future I'll probably try a dp.

She Needs It: That's some intense stuff you have potentially lined up! Are you currently in a relationship?

Lily Carter: I don't do relationships. (Laughs) I tried it and it doesn't work for me. When I'm home I'm busy being mommy, when I'm in L.A. I'm busy working. It's sad but I just don't have time to be with anyone right now. I think it'd be different if I lived in California. But I don't, and I don't think I ever will. I don't know how some chicks do it. (Laughs)

Pic courtesy of Lily Carter

She Needs It: Yeah I heard it's extremely difficult to maintain a relationship while being in the industry. That's why I'm fascinated by how performers deal with it. What is something surprising about you that your fans wouldn't know?

Lily Carter: I love outdoors, but one of my biggest fears is to be eaten alive by a wild animal. Seriously... I can't go outside after dark. I live in the country now, and in order to go 20 yards down the hill to a friend's house after dark I HAVE to drive or I'll panic. (Laughs) I'm weird. Ummmm, what else? I have a crazy rape fantasy that I masturbate to every once in a while, but in performance I panic if I'm restrained.

She Needs It: Well I think you have the right to be a little scared of stuff like that... considering how tiny you are. What goals would you like to accomplish in the industry before you retire?

Lily Carter: I would love to win an AVN award for something. But it's really not all about that for me. I love sex. That's why I do what I do.

Pic courtesy of Lily Carter

She Needs It: What's your all-time sexual fantasy?

Lily Carter: My fantasies change sooo often. I get tired of the same thing. But right now I have been masturbating to a kind of voyeur fantasy. F*cking in front a a big audience. (Laughs)

She Needs It: What's your favorite aspect of the industry? The modeling aspect or the performance aspect?

Lily Carter: I love performing because that's when the sex happens. (laughs)

She Needs It: As a final question who are your favorite performers that you haven't had the chance to work with yet? Favorite performers that you HAVE worked with?

Lily Carter: I have watched Tori Black for years. It'd be a dream to work with her. I'm also really attracted to Jenna Haze, Eva Angelina, and I still haven't worked with my ex Lizzie Tayler. Our sex was AMAZING, someone needs to get it on camera. (laughs) I'm not gonna pick favorites for who I've worked with. Everyone's been pretty good so far. (Smiles)

Pic courtesy of Lily Carter

Thanks again to the lovely Lily Carter for letting her fans learn a little more about her. Fans can also follow the naughty adventures of Lily Carter over at her twitter account at http://twitter.com/lilycarterxxx

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