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Friday, May 27, 2011

Katie Summers Interview

Pic courtesy of Katie Summers

Subject: Katie Summers
Occupation: Model. Adult Performer
Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/KatieSummersXXX

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Katie Summers. In this exclusive interview we had the chance to learn a little bit more about this beautiful blonde stunner.

She Needs It:  Thanks for the interview Katie! I really appreciate it. I guess I'll start with my favorite question. How did you get started in the industry?

Katie Summers: I started 2 years ago. I was dancing and a girl I worked with hooked me up with an agent. They picked a name for me and before you know it... I'm out here doing my thing. (Smiles)

She Needs It:  What was your first scene performing like? 

Katie Summers: To be honest...all I remember is that it was with Charles Dera for Reality Kings 2 years ago in Florida. (laughs)

 Pic courtesy of Katie Summers

She Needs It:  I follow you on twitter and I know you like getting into mischief. What's the naughtiest or craziest sexual thing you've ever done in your personal life?

Katie Summers: Hmmm... I'm gonna keep that a secret. (Smiles)

She Needs It:  Oh REALLY?!!! Must be really wild then!  Well...What's your all-time favorite sexual fantasy then?

Katie Summers: My all time favorite sexual fantasy involves a guy pushing his limit with me. Eventually, he makes me comfortable with him and I just let him do whatever he wants to me!
She Needs It: Whatever he wants huh? (Smiles)  What would you like to do on camera that you haven't had a chance to do yet?

Katie Summers: DP... maybe. I've never been DP'd ...on or off camera.

She Needs It: Oh that sounds intense. Speaking about your off-camera life, are you currently in a relationship? 

Katie Summers: No... I'm not in a relationship. I haven't been in one for 2 years. 

She Needs It: Oh wow... two YEARS?  Why is that?

Katie Summers: It's just better off for me to be single... because I don't deal well with drama and jealously. (winks)

She Needs It: (Laughs) Yeah... I can imagine that happens alot in the industry. What kind of guys are you attracted to in your personal life?

Katie Summers: I don't really have a "type"... as long as they have a job, dress nice, smell good, and know how to treat a women.

Pic courtesy of Katie Summers

She Needs It:  Are you bisexual in your personal life?

Katie Summers: I prefer guys... but every once in a while I'll throw a girl in. 

She Needs It: (laughs) Would you consider yourself bisexual?

Katie Summers: I was very experimental growing up... but I always stick to the dick. (laughs)

She Needs It: (Laughs) What is something surprising about you... that maybe your fans wouldn't know?

Katie Summers: I'm double jointed in my shoulders and hips...
She Needs It:  Hmmm... sexy... I imagine that can come in handy during your scenes. What's your favorite aspect of the industry? 

Katie Summers: I love being a great performer and making those I'm working with and those watching feel good.

She Needs It: Yeah I sense that's really important to you. Are there some performers that you haven't had the chance to work with yet that you're looking forward to?

Katie Summers:  I REALLY want to work with Rocco Sifferdi, Manuel Ferrara, and Mick Blue. 

She Needs It: What about your favorite performers that you've worked with so far?

Katie Summers:  I LOVE everyone I work with ... so I don't really have a favorite.

She Needs It:  What accomplishment are you most proud of so far in your life?

Katie Summers:  I don't really have one specific accomplishment. I'm proud of every accomplishment I've put myself through.

She Needs It:  Is there a charity, social cause or political issue you feel strongly about? 

Katie Summers: I'm always helping ASPCA with the animals. (smiles)

She Needs It: Awww... an animal lover! That's sweet! As a final question...What goals would you like to accomplish in the industry before you retire?

Katie Summers: I hope I get to start directing movies and eventually have my own company. I'd also love to work for one of the top companies in the future!

She Needs It: Thanks so much Katie for spending some time with us and letting your fans get to know a little bit more about you. For more on Katie Summers make sure to follow Katie's naughty adventures on Twitter at http://twitter.com/KatieSummersXXX

Pic Courtesy of Katie Summers

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