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Friday, May 6, 2011

Jessie Andrews - In the Spotlight

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Andrews

Spotlight on:
Jessie Andrews

Adult Performer and Glamor Model

Social Networks:

Height: 5 feet 8 inches tall

Weight: 125 lbs

Measurements: 34b - 25 - 36

What she's famous for:
Although only in the industry for one year, Jessie Andrews has already started to garner significant notice from fans and adult entertainment community members alike. Jessie Andrews is also noted for her innocent, wide eyed enthusiasm in all her adult scenes. As far as accolades go, she has appeared on many adult magazine and DVD covers. She was also recently voted by fans and members of ATK as the Social Media Babe of the Year and in 2011 she was the backstage host for the Adult Video News Awards. Unabashedly excited to be in the industry, and with her hard work, commitment and reliability, Jessie Andrews is destined for fame, whether it's in the industry... or even mainstream.

Why we need her:
Besides being an absolutely stunning, all-natural, beautiful, blonde, coed, Jessie Andrews has garnered the attention of the industry by remaining faithful to her fun, natural, true self. Displaying a wisdom that contradicts her youthful age of 19 years, Jessie Andrews has chosen to avoid the often jaded, dark, perspective we often see from performers in the industry and instead embrace the fun, sexy, and glamorous side of her work.  Her perspective rings true because we can sense her true personality in everything that she does. Whether it's her performances or her interactions with performers, fans and industry members. Did we mention her sexy looks? Jessie Andrews is already becoming an industry favorite because of her lean, trim, athletic, tight body, pouty, luscious lips and her gorgeous, stunning, green eyes.

What she tweets about:
Jessie Andrews loves to tweet. LOVES IT! Arguably, more than any active adult performer, Jessie LOVES to share ALL her exploits with her fans. Whether it's tweeting live from an adult entertainment set or tweeting one handed on a bike ride on her way to the gym to work out. Jessie Andrews loves to give her fans an almost minute to minute commentary of her naughty adventures. From her first waking moments, to her sexy late night naughty goodnight, we are constantly given entertaining tweets from this sexy, young, coed. If that wasn't enough, we are also treated to tons...literally TONS of, often naked, photos of herself and her naughty friends via her tumblr blog. As far as interactions go, Jessie Andrews will likely tweet back at any fan, as long as they are sincere, respectful and not offensive.

Photo Courtesy of Jessie Andrews

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