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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brooke Lee Adams Interview

 Pic courtesy of Brooke Lee Adams

Subject: Brooke Lee Adams
Occupation: Model. Producer, Retired Adult Performer
Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/Brookeleeadams

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In this exclusive interview we had the chance to chat with the lovely Brooke Lee Adams. Brooke, who recently was nominated as Best New Starlet for the 2011 AVN Awards, also announced her retirement from adult performance. Although she considers herself to be officially retired she still will continue to produce content behind the camera (and occasionally in front of the camera) .

She Needs It:  Hi Brooke! So fun to finally have a chance to learn a little more about you. Thank you for spending time with us. I'm always curious about how performers got started in the industry. How did you get started?

Brooke Lee Adams: I got started by answering an advertisement in the Penny saver...pretty hilarious thinking back now. Anyway... long story short I started behind the camera and somehow ended up in front of the camera. 

She Needs It:  What are some of your goals you'd like to accomplish  in the industry before you retire?

Brooke Lee Adams: Too late... (Winks)

She Needs It:
Oh that's right! You've already retired! Can you tell us a little about that decision.

Brooke Lee Adams: I got into the industry from working behind the camera. I like naked people, I like sex, I even like sex on camera, but I don't care for the rat race of adult performance. Its just not for me. It was just time. It wasn't healthy or fun for me anymore. I'm just not wired to be a p*rnstar. I don't have the thick skin. I actually like behind the camera a bit better, but I'm too much of a showboat to stay away from the camera altogether. (winks)

She Needs It:  If I recall ...you also had some health issues. Did that contribute to your decision to retire?

Brooke Lee Adams: I was in horrendous denial about my health. Specifically that I needed surgery on a cancerous tumor in my hip. I started drinking mostly cause I was in pain and partially to detach from all the craziness around me. I'm the full time care giver to my schizophrenic 21 year old sister. She's been in and out of hospitals.My parents are very religious and thus are stupefyingly ignorant about her illness. They believe the psychotropic medications that she takes are a sin and poisonous. Thus her care falls to me and my partner. Her care put a strain on his and my relationship on top of me performing, going through radiation and other treatments for my lymphoma. Not to mention he owns a small corporation and has 20 some odd employees to worry about. So instead of seeking help, taking a break,  or any healthy choice; I drank. At first it was just wine before bed, then it was a bottle before bed, then some how it was drinking 8 -10 bottles a day and only being sober when I was working or driving. It's amazing how fast it all happens. I had a pretty traumatic situation happen right at Christmas and after that, I started spinning out of control. Then in February I had the Pink Lips shoot and that's when I finally found my rock bottom. I'm sad it happened while I was on a set full of such cool people. Just thinking about it fills me with so much shame and regret. It's just not me to act that way, but that's what happens when you are an alcoholic. The booze are more important than your family, your job, your reputation. (sighs)  Anyway, basically I drank heavily and did copious amounts of blow on the set. And then I went out for a third night of drinking, blow, and no sleep. I remember looking in the mirror and saying to myself "God, you look old..." Yeah, I'm an idiot, I know. Well, morning of day four of my no sleep, drug fueled  binder a driver from LA Direct picked me up  to take me to the Revenge of the Nerds parody set. I was so exhausted when I heard him pull up. I felt like I could barely hold myself up, let alone do a scene. I thought, "Come clean Brooke. Here's your chance..." So what did I do? A HUGE line of course! You know, that's what makes you so tired, right? Wrong actually. We were driving on the 405 when I started to have a tough time breathing and my shoulder started going numb. Then I started getting sharp pains in my chest. Within the next few hours I was in the ER and had my first heart attack at age 24. I remember hearing the nurse say, "What a waste, I bet she was really pretty."

She Needs It:  Oh wow.... (winces)

Brooke Lee Adams: So, I went back to San Diego. Spent a week in the hospital and a month in rehab. I go to group therapy three times a week, NA several times a week, one on one counseling, and have changed my whole lifestyle. I'm now back to shooting for Dirty Little Me  (her official site) and have a new partner helping me build the site to the potential it has and I start a Master's program in Cognitive Science this Fall. Life is good and thanks to my wonderful support from family and friends, life is healthy. And that's the rest of the story. ( Smiles)

She Needs It: Congratulations on the steps you've taken so far Brooke. I know how difficult addiction can be...  physically, emotionally and mentally. Honestly... it's been fun watching your career to this point. I'm sure you'll continue to be an incredible success as you evolve into your next phase in your life path. I appreciate you touching on some of the intimate details about your decision to retire. Thank you so much for your honesty and frankness. Since we know addiction is something that happens to us...and doesn't define us, let's change the mood and get back to some of our standard probing She Needs It questions. (laughs) What were you like growing up?

Brooke Lee Adams: As I said I grew up in a religious home and was home schooled. I was what one might call meek. I played instruments, worked hard in school, and was very dedicated and serious. I was kind of a weird kid now that I think about it...

 She Needs It:  (laughs) I think all artistic types are considered weird in high school. But usually a success out of school. What types of guys are you into in your personal life and why?

Brooke Lee Adams: I'm into tall, usually dark haired men. I like blue or hazel eyes. Good shape, but not super ripped or anything like that. My guy needs to be a professional/business man. I need to be challenged intellectually and emotionally.

She Needs It: What's the naughtiest or craziest sexual thing you've ever done in your personal life?

Brooke Lee Adams: Master and Slave role playing. Not just in the bedroom, but in regular life. Think the movie The Secretary.


She Needs It: Love that movie! James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal are fantastic in that movie. What would you like to do on camera that you haven't yet?

Brooke Lee Adams: An all girl oil group scene. I'm hoping to shoot something like that for my site very soon.

  Pic courtesy of Brooke Lee Adams
She Needs It:  Oooh... Exciting! Can't wait for that. I know you're currently in a relationship. How do you balance the pressures of being a performer and maintaining a relationship?
Brooke Lee Adams: Yes, I am. If you expect to have a relationship while you are shooting adult entertainment you have to be 100% honest with your partner.

She Needs It: What is something surprising about you that your fans wouldn't know?

Brooke Lee Adams: I'm actually pretty conservative in my "real life". I live a very subdued and normal life. I dress very conservatively. I do my job and then I come home, make dinner for myself and my partner, and hang out with my dogs.

She Needs It:  That IS surprising. What's your all-time sexual fantasy?

Brooke Lee Adams:  A staged rape fantasy.
 Pic courtesy of Brooke Lee Adams
She Needs It:  What was your favorite aspect of the industry?

Brooke Lee Adams: I enjoyed the center of attention aspect and the ever changing environment.
She Needs It:
  Favorite performers you haven't worked with yet? Favorite performers that you HAVE worked with?

Brooke Lee Adams: Manuel and Kristina Rose I have not worked with, but would have loved to have shot with them. I liked many different performers.

She Needs It:  What accomplishment are you most proud of so far in your life and why?

Brooke Lee Adams: I'm very proud of my recovery from being an addict, for taking care of my sister, my education, and the fact that while I grew as a person in the industry and learned so much; adult entertainment performance hasn't changed the core of who I am and what I believe in. 

She Needs It:  Thanks again Brooke!

 Pic courtesy of Brooke Lee Adams

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