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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson legs announce Summer 2011 is here

Pic courtesy of Hollywood Tuna

Ahhh... Summer. I know the traditional start of Summer is marked by the blockbuster popcorn movies released during this time period. But we here at She Needs It look for a different sign to mark the beginning of the season. We look for hot ass legs. When sexy legs come out ...we know that it's officially summer. The time of the year when the clothes come off and the gorgeous body parts start peeking out in public. Which is a great thing considering that I'm a notorious leg man. NOTORIOUS. It's probably because of my Catholic school upbringing... when I was constantly surrounded by school girls in uniform shorts and skirts.  In today's post we have some sexy photos of the beautiful Blake Lively and gorgeous Rachel Bilson...and their legs.

Pic courtesy of Egotastic

I'm not exactly sure what the event was where these legs were in attendence for. But does it really matter? Look at those damn legs. Long, tanned, athletic legs.  I guess natural instinct for the common man would be to focus on their faces...which aren't bad looking at all or maybe their boobs. But damn...all I see is legs.

Pic courtesy of Hollywood Tuna

When ladies have legs like these... it should be illegal to cover them up with pants. At the very least a fine. A substantial fine. To be completely honest,  I can't really name any movies that these two girls have been in. I remember something where Rachel Bilson was been transported around earth with Anakin Skywalker...but he had no lightsaber. But I have to admit I'm going to be doing a lot of...ahem... research on these two from now on! Anyway's here's one more pic of Blake Lively's legs. Which should be the official avatar for Summer 2011!

Pic courtesy of Hollywood Tuna

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