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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shay Golden - Yes or No? 13 questions

Photo courtesy of Shay Golden

Subject:Shay Golden
Occupation: Adult entertainment performer, Model
Twitter:  Official Twitter

  1. Ever try to seriously hurt or punch someone while doing the deed? Yes
  2. Have you ever climaxed without being touched or touching yourself?  No
  3. Have you ever stole AND kept something worth more than $1000.00 ?  No
  4. Ever played with yourself or did the deed in a stranger's bathroom? (not on set) Yes
  5. Ever make someone literally get on their knees and beg you for loving? Yes
  6. Ever played with yourself while watching  in the mirror? No
  7. Had did the deed with MORE than three guys at one time? (not on set) No.
  8. Ever climax so hard that you hurt yourself? (not on set) Yes
  9. Ever fooled around WHILE eating or rubbing food on your body or rolling around in food? Yes
  10. Ever tell your partner the loving you just had was bad...even though it was really great? No
  11. Have you ever been in love with a partner to the point where you'd truly die for them? No
  12. Ever fooled around on top of  a pile of money? (Not on set or work related) Yes
  13. Ever cried out of happiness while fooling around? Yes.    

Photo courtesy of Shay Golden

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