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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Punch Drunk Love - Movie to help close the deal

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Title: Punch Drunk Love

Year Released: 2002

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson

Starring: Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, Luis Guzman, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Running Time: 95 Mins

Novelty item seller Barry Egan, played by Adam Sandler,  lives a lonely existence. Sympathetically socially awkward, Barry one day meets, in a seemingly chance encounter, the beautiful Lena Leonard played by Emily Watson.

One night,  plagued by loneliness and recovering from a unfortunate event at a family event he calls a phone sex hotline. The following day, filled with regret, he is horrified to learn that the operators of the phone sex hotline are not as professional as he had hoped.

When things between Barry and Lena begin to show romantic possibility, complications arise which threaten Barry's new found potential relationship.

Why it will help get you laid: 
Although the film stars Adam Sandler, this movie is not your typical mindless Hollywood romantic comedy fare. Directed by Academy Award nominated auteur Paul Thomas Anderson, the movie is a quirky, entertaining film that will appeal to both you and your potential, hopefully flexible and passionate sex partner. The movie will impress your date because it  is obscure enough that it hints at some indie film credibility to your tastes...and you don't even have to read subtitles. Even if the lady has already seen it...it's well worth a repeat viewing.  Although the movie does star an enchanting Emily Watson, she's not the drop dead gorgeous bubbly, insanely hot female co-star that traditional romantic comedies often feature. So you won't get in trouble from the lady for eyeing and checking out a gorgeous Hollywood sexpot while watching a film. The movie is also a fun romance with some genuinely touching, yet not over sappy or unrealistic romance that could get the the juices flowing.  Also with a running time of only 95 minutes the movie is short enough that you still have time at the end of the night to close the deal to make the real life magic happen... that is if you have enough game.

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