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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Once - Movie to help close the deal

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Title:  Once

Year Released: 2006

Directed by:   John Carney

Starring:   Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova

Running Time: 85 Mins


A modern day musical about a street musician, who meets a charming immigrant in Dublin, Ireland.  Through the course of their time together they create music, bond and develop a special relationship which inspires their paths in lives in ways they never expected.

Why it will help get you laid: 
This movie is technically considered a musical... AND an independent film. Two categories which will help the reader score bonus points in the artist / sensitive category with the potential sex partner. But the film isn't the typical pretentious, artsy fartsy indie pic. We all know that artsy fartsy films can make a typical audience fall asleep before they can bust a move. Actually, if the reader is a fan of indie rock this movie will be a dream come true. The Academy Award winning soundtrack is actually very good and will definitely set a romantic mood between the reader and their potential mate. The story itself is touching, but with just the right amount of humor and drama to make it not corny or silly. But what really makes the film a great date movie is that it's only 85 minutes long. Which means there will be plenty of time after the film to talk, bond, get drunk and hopefully slip in some of your various body parts, before its time to head home with her smell on you. Beware the soundtrack is fantastic and will probably make both of the viewers head to Itunes to download and take your $9.99. But hey...at least now your torrid romance will have a soundtrack that you can both remember.

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