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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Megan Fox doesn't smile... is still hot

Apparently it's news when a hot actress prefers not to smile in her pictures. Several of the gossip sites have noted how expressionless Megan Fox is in these pictures. Some have even gone so far as to question her attitude and mental state. Well let me just state that here at She Needs It, we could care less whether Megan Fox smiles or not, or even whether she's happy, sad, married, single.  I promise we will feature Megan Fox on the site for as long as she remains hot... course the minute she turns haggard we'll stop. It's nothing personal... it's just ... who wants to look at something like that... right?

The truth is any of these writers on those gossip sites would kill to be in the same room as Megan Fox. Even if it's in a room where she's standing next to a lame looking wanna be car like the photo features above. Jaguar or not that shit looks ridiculous. Course I'm not an art critic... maybe that's fucken awesome in the art world. To me it looks like something kids would climb all over at the park or school yard. Something a pigeon would shit on out of confusion.

Now THIS is more like it. Nice red Jaguar with the sexy Megan Fox standing in front of it. Course with Megan Fox standing in front of it... I don't really notice the red Jaguar. Which...sort of defeats the purpose right? Are we supposed to? Well, if you DID notice the Red Jaguar instead of Megan Fox that would mean you're seriously lame... or obsessed with cars...like sexually demented obsessed... and you probably don't belong on a site like this... more like some lame car website showing the insides of an engine or some shit... aerodynamics...zero to 100 silliness.  Go away sexually obsessed car dude... this site features only hot chicks.

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