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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lizz Tayler - In the Spotlight

Photo courtesy of Lizz Tayler

Adult film star

Social Networks:

Height: 5 feet 5 inches tall

Weight: 115 lbs

Measurements: 34D - 24 - 34
What she's famous for:
Besides the obvious, of her sexy, tight, coed, all-natural body, fun loving personality and enthusiastic sex scene performances, Lizz is known for her appreciation, or shall I say lust, for sexy ladies 25 and over. She has even commemorated her sexual preference by strategically placing a hot tattoo on her pelvis. The tattoo is the stage name of her favorite adult performance star, AVN Hall of Famer Briana Banks.

Why we need her:
Lizz Tayler is perhaps most proud of her gorgeous all-natural 34d breasts. The reader won't find any arguments here. She's on record for stating that she enjoys watching her breasts bounce while having sex. So do we. But what captures the attention of even the most jaded observers is the combination of her engaging, captivating smile, her intoxicating seductive eyes, delicious skin tone and tight, sexy body. In an age of jaded cynicism...especially in the adult performance industry, Lizz Tayler is an unabashed fan of the business she works in. She is one of the few up and coming adult performers that is actually knowledgeable of the history of adult sex entertainment on film and it's past stars. She also makes no bones about her desire to hopefully carve her place in the industry by one day becoming an AVN Hall of Famer.

What she tweets about:
Lizz Tayler is perhaps best known for her prolific Twitter game. With her over 35,000 followers (impressive and almost unheard of considering her newcomer status), Lizz Tayler built her following ... and her resume by her entertaining interactions with fellow performers, fans, adult industry members and even celebrities.  Never shy on Twitter, Lizz tweets ...good or bad... whatever is on her mind, including what she's having for breakfast, her personal heartfelt feelings, changing moods and even her sexual conquests.

Photo courtesy of Twistys.com

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